Teach Coding with a Virtual Dash Robot

Assign and track progress as students solve coding puzzles in a rich 3D environment with the Virtual Dash Robot by their side.
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Why Wonder Workshop?

Students love learning to code with our award-winning Dash robot. They are captivated by his engaging personality.

With Class Connect, our Virtual Dash robot is available inside Blockly for every student. Standards-aligned coding puzzles and math activities provide plenty of challenges. Progress tracking means teachers can monitor student work and differentiate instruction with ease.

Bring coding to life and inspire tomorrow's innovators with Virtual Dash, all from The Class Connect teacher dashboard.

Class Connect Features

Virtual Robot

Our award-winning Dash robot is brought to life on screen in a rich 3-D environment

K-5 Learn to Code Curriculum

Our K-5 scope and sequence provides 36 lesson plans spanning CS Fundamentals A-F.

Progress Tracking

Students maintain their own progress in Blockly. Teachers monitor progress in the portal.

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Tens of thousands of elementary and middle schools in over 65 countries teach coding with Dash.

How Class Connect Works

Set Up Your Classroom

Connect to Google Classroom, upload a list, or add students manually.

Assign Activities

Browse activities. Click to assign them to the class or to individual students.

Launch Virtual Dash

Students complete the assigned activities with the Virtual Dash inside Blockly.

Track Progress

See student answers. Get personalized activity recommendations


Susan B.

3rd grade teacher
Two of my students have almost completed the entire curriculum for Dash even though I have only assigned the first three puzzles so far! Without the virtual robot, those kids would have had to wait on the rest of the class. This way, they are figuring it out on their own, learning how to problem solve, and once they are finished, I can keep them interested in continuing to learn by letting them move ahead.

Emily C.

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Frank M.

Tech Coordinator
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